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Recreational Vehicles Insurance

Recreational Vehicles Insurance Policies

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Recreational vehicle (RV) insurance provides coverage for damage or theft involving RVs. This insurance provides financial protection for owners of RVs used for long distance road trips, cross-country camping and off-road activities. Smaller recreational vehicles, such as dune buggies and all terrain vehicles, can also be covered by this policy.

When the exterior or interior of an RV is damaged, policyholders can file a claim to receive money from their insurance policy. The market value of the RV is appraised to determine the amount policyholders could receive for making repairs or replacements. RV usage must also be reported to the insurance agency. This allows the agency to establish an estimate of the risk level involved, and influences premium rates.

A policyholder can purchase different types of RV coverage. RV collision insurance provides money for repairing or replacing anything damaged from colliding with a vehicle or object. RV comprehensive coverage is applicable towards vandalism, fire, severe weather and other non-collision damage. Perhaps the most important form of coverage is liability. Liability coverage is for bodily injuries and property damage. RV contents coverage is for personal belongings transported inside the vehicle such as furniture, electronics, sports equipment, and other valuables.

Recreational vehicle insurance puts policyholders at ease when going on road trips. For instance, camping overnight at RV parks puts the vehicle at high risk for damage or theft. RV drivers know they will not take a financial hit because of their insurance.


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