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Helping Our Heroes After Deployment

America Helping Veterans is dedicated to assisting over 1.5 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan as well as their families as they transition to living a regular back in American soil. The organization provides support services to ensure that the soldier and their family adjusts to the changes that occur after the soldier returns from deployment.

Many soldiers dream of going back home when they are deployed. Yet they soon realize that the transition back to normalcy is not as easy as they anticipated. America Helping Veterans was founded by David Bullock who served in the army for 22 years and discovered how difficult it was to adjust back to civilian life. He dealt with depression for 2 years and these troubling times in-turn inspired him to create an organization to help veterans deal with the transition back civilian life. The organization now has nearly 200,000 supporters.

America Helping Veterans


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Join us as we support American Helping Veterans and our heroic soldiers, transition back to a life of normalcy after being deployed.  

Our agency will donate $10 to America Helping Veterans on your behalf for every recommendation you send our way, and we'll add you to our monthly drawing for a $50 Gift Card.

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!

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